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Scout utilities and data editors for Football Manager Works with Mac OS X + and the latest patch. FM13 Real-Time Financial Editor.
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But is it a bad thing that I occasionally imagine conversations with my players? Me Well, this is all very encouraging. People who have taken these things too far? Dr Oh yes. But these are extremes. Me [sings] Layla. Distracted from friendlies, Layla. Dr [shudders] Anyway, anything like this, anything that you enjoy will get your endorphins flowing. That will amplify the positive feeling. Your subconscious enjoys Football Manager, it enjoys winning, it enjoys the alternative reality that you create. This, for want of better phrase, is your drug. Dr Is it a problem?

Or is it just something you enjoy? Is it negatively impacting anything in your life?

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Me Every film is the same. Then she meets someone who is absolutely unsuitable for her and they have arguments that become increasingly heated until something draws them together and they kiss, only swiftly to jeopardise the whole affair on a point of principle before a race against time brings them together forever. You play it up until a certain point and then you stop playing it? Me It usually tells me to make a cup of tea and bacon sandwich first, but yes, I see your point.

Dr Essentially, yes. Me No! This is wonderful news. You do what you must to progress in the game.

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Me What is it that sends some people to fighty games and some people to football games? Why do some people want to slay a dragon, while others just want to win a pretend trophy? Dr All games are about play. Play is integral to psychology. Video games are extensions of stories. Me But what is it that attracts some people to fighting a dragon and some people to a statistic-loaded football database that is essentially an exercise in human resources?

Do they use melee weapons or spells, are they reckless drivers or careful drivers? These traits can correlate with personality. How that relationship manifests itself is completely random. Some cautious people are reckless in games, some reckless people, like you, are cautious.

Discussion: FM Editor Live 2013

Me So, to recap: I play Football Manager because I like it and my subconscious likes it. My life is still very much intact. Now, can you do me a favour?

Me Hello, Doctor. Thank you for seeing me at such short notice. Would love nothing more than to use this tool for FM But it's totally understandable that the makers won't release it now, at a time when the game is constantly patched and the tool would be rendered unusable.

Stam, you may speak your mind and you may speak the truth, but what you don't do on this page is speak often enough, so when is FMEL 14 coming out. I need build fmle 14 eidtion help-me i a. Hello http: I have searched for hours to get help. Although they do charge now which is why they gone downhill. Attributes of players need be edited. Staff attributes, CA and PA need be edited. Please stay free and update these for the FM Just a question about the chairman status, is that a level of how happy the chairman is?

And if so, is a higher number a higher amount of happiness? What is the range of this value?

How To Delete / Clear Cache in Football Manager

I know that someone has already asked you if you are releasing an editor for FM but you did not reply and I wondered if you could just clarify if and when the editor will be released. Regards andylad So, do you pretend to make a FM Editor Live ? Its the best tool ever, i feel like im not cheating i always feel that way when i open fmrte. To reflect Arsenal's recent signing of Ozil from Real Madrid, I've been trying to edit his Relations ratings to "convince" him to come over to North London.

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Here's what I did in the editor And here are the results in the game. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong here? Anyone try something like this before? Web Seminar The changing role of financial leaders Mar 14, 2: Web Seminar Digital transformation decoded Mar 12, 2: Web Seminar CX trends in banking Mar 7, 2: Customer experience. Web Seminar How can the self-employed generate new revenue for banks?

Rob Smyth - The Joy of Six: great Championship/Football Manager players

Mar 6, 2: Consumer banking. Web Seminar Improving customer experiences and driving key metrics with customization Mar 5, 2: