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Dec 3, Mac OS X , also known as Tiger, users can make compressed files and Tiger automatically creates a Zip-compressed version, or archive.
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In my case I tried Winzip for Mac free trial, and it worked beautifully! Nothing is as simple as advertised, in the world of electronics: He sent me a link for me to download Office for Mac. Is compress and zip available in the OSX? Went to the directory and tried the command. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Arthur says: November 5, at 6: Robert says: November 6, at 8: Peter Harnetty says: November 17, at 5: Wario says: November 18, at January 14, at 2: In fact I like to not only keep a most recent clone, but several historical ones as well.

However, I eventually became dismayed when I later discovered that while I could use SuperDuper and other programs to create multiple clones, the only clone that I could actually boot would be the first bootable clone in partition order encountered on the drive. With a hint from an Apple Genius, I eventually discovered the source of my difficulty. Whereas at some point in the past Disk Utility would use Apple Partition Map as the default partition format, appropriate for booting volumes on a PPC Mac, that is no longer the case in Tiger.

How To Zip a File or a Folder on Mac OS X

Instead I discovered that Disk Utility was using the Master Boot Record format appropriate for Windows; probably because it discovered that, as shipped, the new drives were already pre-formatted with this Windows-centric partition format. A simple way to copy the path to a file or folder Oct 19, '07 Here is a very quick method to find the path of a file or folder.

Drag the file or folder whose path you'd like to copy to the Search box in the Spotlight Results window.

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Copy the resulting path. That's it. Works as described! Managing keys and certificates in the Keychain Oct 16, '07 Applications like Mail and Safari support the use of digital certificates for secure email and client SSL authentication.

How to Open Zip Files on Mac OS

These applications use keys and certificates that are stored in the Keychain. For example, to enable secure email with Mail, the basic steps are: Generate a key and certificate pair, using a product such as SimpleAuthority or the Certificate Assistant see this hint Import the key and certificate pair into the Keychain, such as by double clicking on the. Unlike most other security applications, there are no preference settings in Mail or Safari to choose which key and certificate to use.

This can cause a problem with Mail if you have multiple certificates, for example if you are switching from one CA to another. In this case, you need to keep all your private keys in the Keychain to be able to decrypt old messages, but you only want your latest private key to be used to sign any new email messages. Fortunately there is a solution. You can specify the trust level for each certificate using Keychain Access. Double-click on the certificates that you do not want to use, scroll down the bottom of the certificate details to Trust Settings, click on the small arrow to expand the section, and configure the trust settings to "Never Trust.

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  • This is not an easy thing to set up, and requires installing software, setting up the root account on the host Mac, creating NetBoot share folders, fiddling with NetInfo Manager and much more. I've posted an illustrated tutorial for implementing NetBoot here. Not for the faint of heart, but since it's Friday, this looks like a good weekend project for some of you. I haven't tested this. First Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Last. Search Advanced.

    From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: What's New: Hints 1 new Hints in the last 24 hours Comments last 2 days No new comments Links last 2 weeks No recent new links. The Unarchiver is superb. It's my utility of choice even on Lion.

    How to Open Zip Files on Mac OS

    It's also available in the Mac App Store, as noted on the linked page. Still works like a charm. Good on Sierra. Not graphically, but this showed up in searches so for those of us who want to do it from the command line using Homebrew: Casey Casey 5 5. Well done - this worked for me to prepare the debian armhf software for my beagle bone black using xz and then dd to dump the disk image to the micro SD card.

    I've used the following native command on mac: Ian C. Paulo Costa Paulo Costa 3 2. Obviously untrue given the answer above. On a Sierra system gunzip can definitely decompress XZ files out the box.

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    • I confirm that gunzip filename. I find it works for me; I am using High Sierra. Mandy Mejia Mandy Mejia 41 1. The right option for xz is -J. But in fact, modern tar implementations do not require you to specify the decompression algorithm.